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So Creative Solutions

It's never been easier, to get the flooring that suits your budget and taste. 

Room design starts at the floor level and works it's way up.......

Choose a fresh new wall color palette, add door window and base board trim. You'll have a whole new interior without the expenses of moving.  We can help you reach your vision.

Take a look at a few simple steps to help you get started...

Call us for an Appointment:250-679-4672

Call us to set-up your i​n home consultation.  During this visit you will be able to tell us all about your vision and see samples of a variety of flooring options.  By discussing your overall plan and seeing the actual flooring surfaces to be re-covered, you can be assured that the best product application can be explained to you. Flooring doesn't need to to be complex, it needs to be understood.  That is the portion of flooring selection that is important to us.  A fresh color palette is a basic starting point to a professionally designed room to your complete home.  You would be impressed with the addition of modern base boards, door and window trim  completing an eye pleasing package.

Receive a Written Quote: 

Measuring your intended space, requires a skilled individual so you get the most accur​ate estimate of the quantity and price point of the flooring you have selected.  Additionally, the costs associated with the installation process by a qualified installer are explained in simple terms.  Rick makes sure that you are informed and comfortable with your flooring investment budget during every step.

The Installation Process:

The installers who place the flooring into your home or work place are skilled in specialized flooring types.  Depending on the flooring selected, we will have the appropriate installer do the job correctly in a timely fashion with minimal disruption to your personal space. They all take pride in cleaning up the work space following installation with no packaging or clutter is left behind.  Additionally, we can  address the removal and replacement of large appliances without risking damage to you new floor upon completion.  We have access to trade people who can assist with trim and or baseboard applications if required.

Please call us for an Appointment